white snotty/clumpy discharge 38 weeks pregnant?

Hiya im 19, 38 weeks pregnant with my first (a boy!) :) and have been getting this weird thick clumpy white discharge does anyone know what it is and is it normal? X x
By: Emmalou230891
Member since Jul 25, 2010
Posted: on Jul 25, 2010
It could be your mucus plug, if you have lost that then there is a sure chance your baby is very much on the way! I would ring your midwife and inform her, see what she says, all the best :)
By: normajeannever
Member since Apr 13, 2010
Posted: on Jul 25, 2010
Hi I started having the same thing at 30w, and now I'm 33 w. From what my MD said, it's just normal discharge if it doesn't burn or itch it is possibly heavy discharge called Leukkoriah( sp?) it's pronounced loo-ko--ria.

From also what they said if it is your mucas plug, it doesn't really mean much of anything. They said that a lot of women lose their plug and it regenerates all the time so it isn't really a form of early labor symptoms. Unless there is blood.

My discharge is a lot like yours and it's a ALOT ( tmi) so just wear a panty liner
By: 12111990
Member since Jul 13, 2010
Posted: on Jul 26, 2010
I was gunna say i thought ur mucus plug had blood in it lol oh well i have midwife in 2 days so il ask her what she thinks, it is annoying and makes me feel icky cant wait for it all to be over lol x x
By: normajeannever
Member since Apr 13, 2010
Posted: on Jul 27, 2010
I know the feeling.

I'm constantly taking showers!! I take about 4-5 showers a day now. Esp since it's been so hot outside.

This is one of the symptoms I wish I had been told about! Lol

Oh and here's a funny story for you:

When i was 30 weeks pregnant, I was at work and all day I kept noticing the discharge and whatnot, it ended up feeling like I had pee'd my pants! So I called my mom- took a picture of the discharge and when she saw it she started freakig out! Lol she thought I was in labor. So we rushed to the ER and my mom is screaming " she's in labor, she's in labor!!" and all the nurses were rushing about and getting me into a room. Well they started asking me questions, and my overbearing Mother answered them all while I was changing my clothes. And she's like she is either losing her plug or her water has broken. Well the dr came in and he tested the discharge- because there are these strips they can test to see if it's amniotic fluid or not. Well he tested the discharge then he started laughing! My mom was so confused! That's when he told us that I had luekoriah, and that it was nothing to be alarmed about. I swear my mom almost died of embarassment! Hahaha.

Needless to say I won't call her or txt her anything that's painful/ wrong in my pregnancy anymore! I'll just wait until I know for sure. Hahaha.

But seriously my mom is OVERbearing. She still treats me like I'm 10, and I'm 20 years old about to be a mom myself!

So no worries. And goodluck with your midwife, I wish I had one!
By: 12111990
Member since Jul 13, 2010
Posted: on Jul 28, 2010
Bloody hell lol id of died of embarrassment my self bless but thats pregnancy for u, you never know what to expect my discharge's gone now so dunno what it was :-s think baby's gunna be here earlier than 9 days felt ill as today had nausea and diarrhea then braxton hicks for a few mins been getting sharp twinges down there as well and just generally been feeling abit down and fed up i hope he is here soon fed up of feeling like this now lol x x
By: normajeannever
Member since Apr 13, 2010
Posted: on Aug 01, 2010
Aw well hopefully he'll be here soon;)

Good luck!
By: laurawildin
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Posted: on Aug 09, 2010
I know what you mean, my partner and I went to Spain with my parents and my mum shouted at me for swimming in the hotel pool. She said I should be resting now I'm pregnant lol! I can't even sneeze without getting told off!! Xx

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