Whats the earliest you can go into labor?

And still have a healthy lil one of course!
By: 3times
Member since Aug 03, 2011
Posted: on Aug 30, 2011
It's different for every baby. At the hospital I work at the baby has to go to the NICU if they are born before 36 weeks. Sometimes just for observation. The closer to 40 weeks, the more the lungs are developed. We take babies as soon as 24 weeks, though.
By: noemy17
Member since Jul 01, 2011
Posted: on Aug 30, 2011
38 weeks:)
By: mrspnu82
Member since Aug 22, 2011
Posted: on Sep 01, 2011
The closer to your due date the better. 37 weeks is considered full term though.
By: Kabb
Member since Aug 29, 2011
Posted: on Sep 01, 2011
Thanks girlies:) im hoping im not one of those mamas that last the whole 40 weeks plus more!
By: proudmom1
Member since Nov 23, 2010
Posted: on Sep 01, 2011
I had baby at 37 weeks and he weighed 7 pounds 11 oz
By: babymakingmachine
Member since Aug 04, 2011
Posted: on Sep 01, 2011
No earlier than 37 weeks and that may still be pushing it. I had my son at almost exactly 37wks and thought he would be ready....but nope. He had to stay in the nicu for a week. I've always heard 37 weeks is safe, but not for all babies. I felt bad because I jump started the labor by having sex (sex throws me into labor) thinking he would be ready because I always heard 37wk was fine. My doctor said it's usually white baby boys that do the worst with coming early. It really just depends on the baby.
By: justsojoyful1990
Member since Jul 18, 2011
Posted: on Sep 02, 2011
ive also heard that about baby boys! i was born at 35 weeks and lungs were mature but my mom had severe preeclampsia so i had to stay in the nicu for 2 weeks because the placenta wasnt giving me the nutrients i needed from mom.
By: Jaimie08_11
Member since Jul 09, 2011
Posted: on Sep 07, 2011
I had my son @ 37w he was 6lbs 6oz perfectly fine took him homw within 24 hrs
By: emylea7710
Member since Sep 08, 2011
Posted: on Sep 10, 2011
my water broke at 37 1/2 weeks and my daughter weighed 4lbs 3oz she was tiny but perfectly healthy just a little jaundice and we went home 5 days later
By: xmumoftwox
Member since Sep 10, 2011
Posted: on Sep 11, 2011
37 weeks is considered a safe time but there are many babys born before this and are fine! x

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