Does hip size really matter?

I am 17 and currently 8 weeks pregnant. My mum the other day said I would have to get a c section because my hips are small, and I was wondering if it really mattered? I want a natural birth but I'm really nervous that I might not be able to. Didn't all births use to be natural? Also what's the likelyhood of me dying while giving birth? I know I shouldnt be worried about any of this now but I was just curious.
By: kg2007
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Posted: on Dec 09, 2012
Generally doctors can't even tell if you're too small to deliver. Honestly your body makes a baby for's all about birthing position. If you lay on your back to push, you could have a problem with this. It's the worst position to push in.

There are more deaths from interventions like c-sections than from having a child naturally. Do a ton of research!
By: prettyandpregnant
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Posted: on Dec 09, 2012
It's pretty unlikely you will die giving birth and no small hips does not mean a c section.

I don't know your situation but if your mom isn't happy about the pregnancy she may be trying to scare you to "punish" you for it. Which I think is wrong.
Watch the business of being born if you haven't yet. It will teach you a lot about natural birth. I think it's really great you want to go natural, please post any questions you have, sometimes it's hard to find support among friends or family.
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Posted: on Dec 09, 2012
Our pelvis actually spreads during birth to allow a baby to pass. I am small framed and have given birth to a 10lber and a 9:7 lbr.
By: lindseyj20
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Posted: on Dec 09, 2012
Ina May's guide to childbirth is a really good book for first time moms considering natural childbirth! I highly recommend it!
By: N3wMama
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Posted: on Dec 10, 2012
My midwife said you pretty much have to be disfigured for the baby not to be able to fit through your pelvis. They open up during birth, so don't worry about it. :)
By: zmozeb
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Posted: on Dec 10, 2012
I was 17 when I had my first and it was a vaginal delivery. I was pretty petite back then. I think your mother is just trying to scare you. Do a ton of research on birthing positions and breathing techniques. I really regret not looking up breathing techniques.
By: adif08
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Posted: on Dec 10, 2012
i had my first at 17. i was very little back then and the dr said the baby was 7 lbs maybe 7.5 but out came a 9 lb baby just fine.hips were fine and mybody did great
By: meh7ijabi
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Posted: on Dec 10, 2012
Do your research and don't be afraid to ask questions or look up the answers. 17 is very young (even me I'm 22) so i know it's tough especially when your hear things from more experienced people. You will learn to trust your body and your body will go through some pretty empowering phases!
By: PugsNotDrugs
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Posted: on Dec 10, 2012
There are also several birthing positions that you can do during labor that help open up the pelvis and pass baby through.

Don't let anyone scare you about you being too small.

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