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I used to have a chart for dosage but I lost it. How much are you suppose to give a 4 month old(17 lbs)? I'm just wondering cause his gums seem to be hurting him. I gave him a cold teething ring and that helped for a few minutes. I'm not big on giving pain meds unless it's really needed. He's been fussy and wanting to eat but then pulls away as soon as he starts to eat and bites on his hands. So does anyone know dosing amounts? I could call his ped on Monday I just don't want to give him too much. Thanks.
By: devymbel
Member since Feb 11, 2012
Posted: on Jan 19, 2013
Google it. that's how I got my dosage chart. I give my daughter 1.25 mls and she's almost 14 lbs I haven't checked the dose since she was like 11lbs though.
By: RaeRaeGrey
Member since Jan 10, 2012
Posted: on Jan 19, 2013
I called my doc yesterday for my 17lb guy and they said 2.5, that's what my sister has on here chart too
By: dhattbaiilove
Member since Jun 23, 2012
Posted: on Jan 19, 2013
its 2.5
By: StephD1984
Member since Mar 09, 2012
Posted: on Jan 19, 2013
Ok thanks! :)

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