38 weeks and pink discharge??

Hi I'm on my 2nd preg and this one is way different than my first.. I just went to the restroom and I had pinkish on the toilet paper when I wiped. Sorry don't meat to gross anybody out I'm just wondering what it is and is it dangerous? Idk if it's the so called bloddy show and how soon after that will I get contractions? I have been feeling a lot of pressure down there also plz help
By: emmasmom
Member since Sep 17, 2010
Posted: on Oct 03, 2010
I'm so jealous! Every single time I "go" I look for my show with no luck. I am first time mom, and haven't had anything like that but it sounds like your plug anyway. As always call your doctor if you are worried but I don't think I would.
By: 12bzmom
Member since Jul 19, 2010
Posted: on Oct 03, 2010
If it's just a little it could mean your mucus plug is just starting to pull away. If it's a lot and mucusy then it most likely your plug. Once it comes out it can be even a couple of weeks yet. But your getting ready. If you haven't dropped yet you probably will soon. Knowing your 38 weeks I wouldn't get real alarmed or excited. I'm on 5 and everyone of my pregnancies has been different. Sounds like your body is getting ready for labor. So excited for you.
By: MH7213
Member since Apr 08, 2010
Posted: on Oct 03, 2010
I actually went in for this today I'm 36 weeks. May not be ur case, but she told me it was from my cervix dilating more and my mucus plug.
By: babygurlie
Member since Jul 11, 2010
Posted: on Oct 03, 2010
It's from your cervix dilating. Awwwwwww!!!! I am jealous!!!!

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