dreaming if fish

Apparently it's an old wives tale that dreaming of fish represents your own pregnancy or someone you know will soon become pregnant. I had the most vivid dream last night that I was fishing bright blue fish like Dorie from finding nemo and throwing them back.

Does anyone know exactly what the fish dream wivestales mean??
By: shantyup2
Member since Feb 10, 2011
Posted: on Feb 27, 2011
I don't know about that but I have dreams of tidal waves now and never did before, I heard it was a common theme to dream of while pregnant. Maybe it's just stuff that has to do with the sea? :)
By: Trishie-n-Bub
Member since Jan 06, 2011
Posted: on Feb 27, 2011
Apparently it's common to dream about fish in early pregnancy....I did
By: mishelleleigh
Member since Oct 15, 2010
Posted: on Feb 27, 2011
Hmmm I'm due this week haha
By: MariaDean
Member since Jan 26, 2011
Posted: on Feb 27, 2011
I dreamed of fish too wen i juz got prego
By: MayLouis
Member since Oct 11, 2010
Posted: on Feb 27, 2011
My mom dreamed about fish when I was 7-8 weeks pregnant

I had not told anyone. She was freaked out about the dream and so I eventually told her I was expecting
By: rose.estrada
Member since Dec 23, 2010
Posted: on Feb 27, 2011
Yep I dreamt of catfish. They were so easy to fish for!! Then I found out my Sis in law is pregnant too! Also in my culture fish is not a good sign. If the fish are easily caught it means u will lose a large sum of Money & it's true also I got fined for running a yellow light that turned red :0( the same day
By: lkksum
Member since Dec 08, 2010
Posted: on Feb 27, 2011
I've never drempt of fish my two things I usually dream about are snakes and Ellen degeneres who I guess did technically play a fish in finding nemo lol

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