39 weeks and 5 days pregnant and NO contractions

im 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant and ive had NO contractions. Last time i went to the doctor on the 12th i wasnt dialating or anything... what is going on? this is my first baby so i dont really know what to expect but i litterally havent had any contractions or braxton hicks or anything yet..
By: rubyjenson
Member since Feb 17, 2014
Posted: on Feb 17, 2014
Im pregnant with my second with my first I was 40 weeks 3 days when I had my first contraction and she was born the next day. Its nothing to worry about your not even at your due date yet. Just give it time your bundle of joy will be here soon :-)
By: nataliesigety
Member since Nov 02, 2010
Posted: on Feb 17, 2014
Just think! You can pop at any minute! Stay close to home. I didn't go anywhere those past few weeks.
By: hides
Member since Jun 05, 2011
Posted: on Feb 17, 2014
I never had a single contraction until 2am on the morning I had my son. I don't know about dilation because we don't do them here but the day before I had my son I was 4cm (I had a membrane sweep that's why I know). I did have Braxton hicks but didn't know it because they didn't hurt. I only found out because I had them during a midwife appointment and she told me. I ended up having an unmedicated vaginal birth at 41+2 weeks. You're almost there don't worry.
By: amcx323
Member since Feb 10, 2014
Posted: on Feb 17, 2014
A due date is not an expiration date :) I had my first 11 days past EDD I was about 1 cm for 3 weeks, I had no loss of mucus plug or contractions until the morning I began labor and had her that night and I had two membrane sweeps they did nothing
By: mrsnester
Member since Oct 29, 2013
Posted: on Feb 17, 2014
The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology says full term is 42 weeks, so you've got time. Walk and eat some spicy food :)
By: cindy1228
Member since Aug 23, 2013
Posted: on Feb 17, 2014
Im 39+3 today and i've been feeling a little bit of cramping every day now. I feel as if everyday they get a bit stronger but not strong enough to say its time. Im not dilated or anything and I haven't lost my plug either. This is my second pregnancy and with my first I didnt lose my plug and my water didnt break. Only difference was that I was dilated 1-2 cm for about a wk or so but I guess dilating really doesn't make a difference. I just want my baby here and its making me very impatient and anxious. This waiting game is killing me.

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