unborn baby to daddy poem

Daddy, take my hand in yours and you will plainly see
How very much I need you now to love and care for me.
As my little hand grows, I will need you even more.
Everything I do in life, I have never done before.
Teach me to be kind and loving, sharing and forgiving.
Show me through your acts of love the pure joy of living.
The years will pass by quickly and one day I will be grown,
I will pass what you have taught me onto children of my own.
Hold me always in your thoughts and remember when we are apart,
The special love between a child and a daddy's heart.
By: Firsttimemommy.22
Member since Dec 17, 2011
Posted: on Feb 08, 2012
i love it!
By: babybabybabybaby
Member since Nov 24, 2011
Posted: on Feb 08, 2012
Brilliant nearly in tears
By: allybaybeh
Member since Jan 07, 2012
Posted: on Feb 08, 2012
beautiful. just made my eyes wet lol
By: TM1981
Member since Jan 08, 2012
Posted: on Feb 08, 2012
That is just lovely and has given me a great idea for a present from our soon to be little one for my husbands 40th birthday in 2 weeks. Thanks again :)
By: Jadeyybabyy
Member since Mar 07, 2011
Posted: on Feb 08, 2012
That was so cute! I got teary!
By: LovinBrooklyn
Member since Nov 02, 2011
Posted: on Feb 08, 2012
aaaw how sweet. Gives me a cute craft idea

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