Sleeping at night, what will/ do you use. As I have all of them. & don't know what's best.

By: BabyBumpUser
Created: Oct 05, 2013

By: BabyBumpUser
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Posted: on May 15, 2017
I have a pack'n'play with the napper attachment that we used until she outgrew it, but her favourite is sleeping in bed next to me. I'm a super light sleeper so that works for us.
We never got a crib, for space reasons, and can't speak to cosleepers since they're not allowed where we live.
Since you have them all, you could take turns trying them out and figure out what works best. It depends on the age of your lo too...

Cosleepers and newborn nappers would probably work best for babies under 3mo (check the weight/height limits for each) and then cribs are recommended for night sleep while pack'n'plays only for supervised sleep (as in you're in the room when the baby is sleeping in it)

That being said, you're baby may develop a preference for one or another and all you need to do it be safe about it, regardless of which one you end up with.
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Posted: on May 21, 2017
I would like for baby to get used to the crib right away so I don't have to struggle transitioning her and since she's going to daycare that'll make it easier on everyone. But I am getting a rock n play bc those things are awesomeness, will be nice to have if she's having a hard time sleeping or needs soothed.