What y'all think about these chairs. I have a bouncer already from my first child but the baby now hates it..she screams every time I put her in it. I was looking for something worth buying and figure this could be used twice as a toddler chair as well
By: BabyBumpUser
Member since Aug 22, 2014
Posted: on Jun 09, 2016
We have two of these rockers and they are awesome. Works great for both my newborn and toddler. Very sturdy product
By: BabyBumpUser
Member since Apr 25, 2012
Posted: on Jun 12, 2016
I went ahead and got it...she loves it!!
By: BabyBumpUser
Member since Feb 06, 2016
Posted: on Jun 17, 2016
Put it in my registry 😍
By: BabyBumpUser
Member since Feb 20, 2012
Posted: on Aug 21, 2016
Yep my 4 year old will still sit in her rocker and sleep! Great investment. Put it on the list!
By: BabyBumpUser
Member since Jun 20, 2014
Posted: on Mar 24, 2017
Loved it. My son actually was not too fond of it as a baby, although he loves it as a toddler now. I mainly used it so i could shower and still have sights on him (would place it on bathroom floor) when he was a newborn to keep piece of mind

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