Infant car seat or all-in one?

I'm about to have my second baby, and am debating whether to get a infant car seat (my sons expired), or get a "all-in one".

Pro's, cons, preferences?
By: BabyBumpUser
Member since Apr 21, 2012
Posted: on Oct 06, 2016
I have a 'travel system' from graco, that includes the stroller, infant car seat and base. I don't have any other kids to fit in it though. If you have another child using a stroller you could go for a double, no?
By: BabyBumpUser
Member since Jun 20, 2014
Posted: on Mar 24, 2017
I remember my sons infant car seat being a life saver. When they are so little you dont want to constantly pick them up and hold them when going places, the infant seat can be easily taken to and from the car with a sleeping baby sitting snug inside. We have two convertible car seats for our 2 year old (one for each car) but will still get an infant car seat for the convenience.

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