Help me
By: BabyBumpUser
Member since Aug 12, 2013
Posted: on Oct 25, 2016
City Select! The other two strollers seem to have the seats tucked under and you will most likely hit the seat while strolling. But the city select stroller the second seat is the front so both kids and you will be comfortable.
By: BabyBumpUser
Member since Sep 21, 2013
Posted: on Oct 29, 2016
City select all the way!! Check out YouTube--- lots of good reviews showing all the specs of each model. We were deciding between uppababy and city select. City select also sells better after😉 high demand!
By: BabyBumpUser
Member since Aug 10, 2014
Posted: on Oct 30, 2016
I have the britax and huge negative is how heavy it is!
By: BabyBumpUser
Member since Jun 08, 2014
Posted: on Nov 22, 2016
I have the britax. Got it second hand but would have much preferred the city select due to the position of the seats
By: BabyBumpUser
Member since Oct 17, 2013
Posted: on Mar 04, 2017
Contours double stroller is a great one also. I have it. My 2 yr old and 5 yr old fit in it perfectly.

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