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Best diaper bag for cloth diapers
Looking for a bag that's big but not too deep. I have been eyeing the petunia picklebottom weekender bag but not sold on the patterns yet and wonder if it will be way to giant for everyday use. Thanks
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about 1 year ago
I love my jujube bff, it's not too deep and the way it's made you can reach the bottom and see inside it too, without spilling it. I find the bff a bit small for cloth diapers- they're just so bulky and troublesome that I'm giving up on them, sadly, really wanted to like them, but that's a discussion for another day. The other option from jujube is the 'be prepared' which may meant for multiple babies/ siblings but the bff is great for one. Hefty price tag is also worth it for all the features it has. Look up comparison vids on YouTube :) there are plent in various patterns and that's how I chose mine.
9 months ago
I used the jujube bff last time and i liked it I also attached the wet bag to the strap on the outside if I needed to pack more diapers, I plan to use it again

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