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So my husband and I are going to be first time parents, and we are expecting our little girl in mid December. Since September is almost over December is just around the corner. I created a baby registry at target and I've done research on so many products and I've added the ones I feel will be my favorites, but I would still like some advice from other moms with experience. Here are the products I'm wondering about:
1. I have decided to use Dr. Brown's Natural Flow bottles. I thought about using Philips Avent since I know they are a pretty good brand, but I really love everything about Dr. Brown's Natural Flow bottles. Is there anyone out there who has used this brand? I'm worried about nipple confusion and I've read that to avoid this I should wait 3-6 weeks to introduce a bottle. I don't want my daughter to stop taking to my breast sooner than I'd like because she's figured out that milk comes out of a bottle more easily.
2. Receiving blankets. Flannel, muslin, or cotton? I know that cotton would be the most obvious answer because it's a breathable fabric, but all the packs of cotton receiving blankets I've found so far are sort of expensive, but that could just be because there are quite a few to the pack. Also, do any of you have a favorite brand when it comes to receiving blankets, if so, why is it your favorite brand?
3. Nipple cream. I haven't decided on a favorite yet for this one so what are some of the best brands to use?
4. Infant car seats. I'm hoping to buy a graco or a chicco but I haven't decided yet. What are some favorites out there? If you have a graco or chicco infant car seat, what model is it and why do you love it? Even though I would love to have a cute, stylish car seat for our baby girl, HER SAFETY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY.
5. Diaper bag. I read some reviews on here about different brands of diaper bags and a lot of people said ju-ju-be, skip hop, petunia, and Vera Bradley. I was going to be more frugal on this item but then I thought that if I buy a cheap bag now, it probably won't last for any other children that come along. That being said I've loved Vera Bradley for a long time and own multiple items from them so if I'm going to get a cute diaper bag that will last, I wouldn't mind splurging a little for one of theirs. Since I knew nothing about ju-ju-be I decided to look them up, but I only found one I liked in a backpack version but I'm not sure if I really want to commit to a ju-ju-be. I would like to hear from those of you that use ju-ju-be or Vera Bradley. The only reason I'm leaning towards Vera Bradley is because I know their products are high quality.
6. Baby monitor systems. Any recommendations are welcome.
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Posted: on Sep 24, 2017
Muslim blankets are very nice! I have mainly Muslim for my baby boy. I had a chicco for my second little one and I loved it I sold it then found out we were going to have another baby I found a peg perego for an excellent price and I have to say out of all three Graco,chicco, and peg. Peg perego is my favorite. Bottle wise I have always used tommee tippee I breastfeed so they work best for my babies I actually bought one for my little guy that is a first feed bottle that has a extra slow flow nipple I have verily had to use it but did have to use it in the hospital and he did great with it. I this helps Congratulations!

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