Baby carrier or wrap?

My husband and I are expecting our little girl in December and I would like to buy a baby carrier for her so I can sometimes be hands free. The question I have is baby carrier or wrap? I feel that a baby carrier is safer than a wrap probably because I see more women using them, but I read that wraps help distribute your baby's weight evenly so you don't stress your back. I just feel that with a wrap I'll have to really practice using it so it doesn't come undone while I'm carrying my baby girl in it and my husband would need to learn how to use it as well, so I feel like a carrier would be easier. Any advice? Also any recommendations on the brand would be super helpful since we are going to be first time parents. Thanks!
By: BabyBumpUser
Member since Sep 03, 2012
Posted: 24 days ago
Personally im not coordinated enough to secure baby in a wrap. I love my Ergobaby carrier. I used a mei tei (kinda a mix between wrap and ssc)for a while but it wasnt love.

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