25 signs labour is near

Most might have already seen this...I thought it funny since I am experiencing some of these "signs" lol

1. Absolutely Nothing
Some women have no signs at all before labor begins other than their first contraction.
OR MAYBE...the signals have been so slight or confused with other pregnancy symptoms that you haven't noticed.

2. Acne
Due to increased hormone levels, some women may experience an outbreak of pimples in the last few days before labor begins.
OR MAYBE... you just ate too much chocolate.

3. Back Pain
Back pain is a quite common sign of impending labor. In fact sometimes back pain may in fact be contractions.
OR MAYBE... you're just getting back pain from the extra weight and pressure of baby.

4. Blood Pressure
Often blood pressure may go up in the last one or two days before labor begins.
OR MAYBE... it's an indication of other problems that your doctor will need to check.

5. Bloody Show
When you wipe, you may notice a brown or red display of blood that means labor is close.
OR MAYBE... it's just a sign that labor is a week or two away.

6. Braxton Hicks
Although these fake contractions are common after 28 weeks gestation, they often become stronger or feel different shortly before labor begins, and occasionally may even be confused with real contractions.
OR MAYBE... you're just experiencing more braxton hicks than usual.

7. Crankiness
It's quite common to experience increased crankiness or moodiness in the days or hours before going into labor.
OR MAYBE... you're just having a bad day.

8. Diarrhea
This is a quite common sign that labor will be starting soon. The body begins to clean out in preparation for birth. It can last anywhere from a few hours up to a week.
OR MAYBE... you've just picked up a virus or eaten some slightly off food.

9. Dilation & Effacement
This will need to be checked by a doctor or health care worker, but as labor nears, the cervix both thins (effaces) and dilates (opens up).
OR MAYBE... you're just one of those women who dilates weeks before labor begins (some women can dilate up to ten weeks before birth.

10. Dizziness
Some women experience dizziness in the hours before labor begins.
OR MAYBE... you just need to stop doing so much and have a high protein snack.

11. Easier Breathing
As the baby moves into the birth canal, a woman may find breathing is easier and her chest feels more comfortable.
OR MAYBE... sitting down and taking a break may be helping your breathe easier.

12. Energy
It's not uncommon to experience a burst of energy as the body prepares for labor.
OR MAYBE... that good night's sleep you finally got and a few healthy meals has made you feel a bit better.

13. Foetal Movement Changes
Often your baby will become more active before labor begins, or in some cases, movement will slow down (if baby stops moving you need to call your hospital.)
OR MAYBE... baby is just having a burst of energy or a lazy day.

14. Lightening
Many women experience a feeling of lightness in their upper body as baby moves down into the birth canal. This usually happens a week or more before labor in first time pregnancies and a day or so in later pregnancies.
OR MAYBE... baby is just having fun teasing you!

15. Losing Weight
It's not unusual to lose several pounds in the last few days before labor starts.
OR MAYBE... you need to weigh yourself at the same time of day, for instance before a meal.

16. Losing or Gaining Appetite
Often women will find they're either ravenous or feel completely full before labor begins.
OR MAYBE... baby's been squishing your stomach more than usual.

17. Mucous Plug
The plug of mucous that seals the cervix and helps protect baby from infection may come away in pieces or a single blood streaked glob.
OR MAYBE...you've lost it early due to activity or the baby and it will grow back (yes, a plug can grow back if lost too early.) Some women don't lose their plugs until they begin labor while others lose them days or weeks before.

18. Nesting
One of the most commonly talked about signs of impending labor, many women begin cleaning and re-arranging baby items in the days or hours before labor begins.
OR MAYBE... you've been putting it off for awhile and you're doing it because you know you need to stop procrastinating!

19. Pet Behavior
Animals seem to be very aware of changes in their masters. It's not unusual for dogs or cats to follow around pregnant women like a shadow in the hours before labor begins.
OR MAYBE... your pet is just feeling friendly.

20. Shivering
It's not unusual for women about to go into labor to have uncontrollable shakes and shivers, on and off.
OR MAYBE... you just have low blood sugar or need a blanket.

21. Sleep
Before going into labor, many women say that experienced the best nights sleep they've had in weeks.
OR MAYBE... you're finally getting used to the huge baby bump (is that possible?)

22. Sniffles
As labor nears, many women find they have an increase in runny noses due to the higher level of hormones in their body.
OR MAYBE... you're starting to get a cold (and should go see the doctor!)

23. Swelling
Although you've probably had swelling in at least your hands or feet in the third trimester, it's not unsual to experience more swelling or even swelling in new places before labor begins - for instance in the lips.
OR MAYBE... you just need to put your feet up more and get your partner to give you some more massages!

24. Throwing Up or Nausea
It's not unusual to throw up shortly before labor begins as your body tries to clean itself out in preparation for delivery.
OR MAYBE... you just ate too much for dinner or have a stomach bug.

25. Waters Breaking
This is a sign that many people talk about but is actually not that common - in fact only 10-15% of labors begin with the amniotic sac breaking.
OR MAYBE... your waters can break but if it's a little break, it can actually heal. If you don't start labor within 72-96 hours, usually you'll be induced.
By: BabyBumpUser
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Posted: on Sep 24, 2012
Lol so basically anything can be a sign of pregnancy or it could just be something else!
By: BabyBumpUser
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Posted: on Sep 24, 2012
lol i cracked up at this bc i have quiet a few of them going on but the maybes weigh in there too haha. you see so many people asking about symptoms and if they are in labor and i seem to rain on their parade w the it could also be this and that ... im stuffy right now and my lo has dropped and i have back pain and contractions lol im pretty sure im going no where here
By: BabyBumpUser
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Posted: on Sep 24, 2012
By: BabyBumpUser
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Posted: on Sep 25, 2012
Bump! Many women should read this :)
By: BabyBumpUser
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Posted: on Sep 25, 2012
By: BabyBumpUser
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Posted: on Sep 25, 2012
OR MAYBE LOL!! Thats sucks didnt help. You just never know.
By: BabyBumpUser
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Posted: on Sep 25, 2012
geez, I'm experiencing 2,3, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, and 23 lol.
By: BabyBumpUser
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Posted: on Oct 04, 2012
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